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Anchor uses Nexus Repository OSS as a Maven repository in several ways:

  • It stores versioned-jars of Anchor - snapshots and releases.
  • It provides several third-party dependencies that don’t have corresponding public repositories.
  • It mirrors and caches public repositories for quicker downloads of dependencies.

When in use, it is found at:


Screenshot of Nexus Repository Server for anchor

Hosted Maven repositories

Name Purpose
anchor-releases released JARs i.e. without SNAPSHOT in the version
anchor-snapshots snapshot JARS i.e. with SNAPSHOT in the version
anchor-thirdparty third-party dependency JARs manually uploaded, as elsewhere available
ImageJ proxy for public ImageJ repository
maven-* proxies for general public repositories
ome-* proxies for public OME repositories
unidata.releases proxy for unidata.releases respository
anchor virtual repository combining all of the above


See Building Anchor to configure maven to access the repositories.

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