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A Java (Maven) source repository on GitHub containing the GUI application for Anchor.

The GUI application is based on Swing.

What belongs in the repository?


Module Java Package Root & Description Classes Lines‑of‑Code
anchor-gui-annotation org.anchoranalysis.gui.annotation
Deprecated. Interactively annotating images.
107 4,588
anchor-gui-browser org.anchoranalysis.gui.interactivebrowser
Deprecated. Launching the GUI application.
17 1,185
anchor-gui-common org.anchoranalysis.gui.common
Deprecated. Shared utilities and data classes.
92 3,717
anchor-gui-export org.anchoranalysis.gui.export
Deprecated. Exporting from the GUI.
9 305
anchor-gui-feature-evaluator org.anchoranalysis.gui.feature.evaluator
Deprecated. Evaluating features on images.
50 2,034
anchor-gui-finder org.anchoranalysis.gui.manifest
Deprecated. Loading from manifests.
14 609
anchor-gui-frame org.anchoranalysis.gui
Deprecated. Frames and related widgets.
228 9,421
anchor-gui-import org.anchoranalysis.gui
Deprecated. Loading files.
16 566
anchor-gui-mdi org.anchoranalysis.gui
Deprecated. Arranging frames/windows.
31 1,334
anchor-gui-plot org.anchoranalysis.gui.plot
Deprecated. Visualizing plots.
39 1,836
anchor-plugin-gui-annotation org.anchoranalysis.plugin.annotation
Deprecated. Annotation plugins.
5 396
anchor-plugin-gui-export org.anchoranalysis.plugin.gui
Deprecated. Plugins for exporting.
33 1,463
anchor-plugin-gui-import org.anchoranalysis.plugin.gui
Deprecated. Plugins for importing.
146 7,570

Number of classes/code is as per SonarQube, June 24th, 2020. Lines-of-code excludes whitespace and comments.