Anchor is a command-line application, designed to be used with PowerShell / Command Prompt in Windows, Terminal in MacOS or any Linux shell.

It should be added to the system’s PATH environmental variable.


1. Download and unpack

  1. Download the latest distribution.
  2. Unpack the zip or tar.gz into a directory of one’s choosing.

2. Install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if necessary.

JRE version 8 or above is required. This is often already present. If not, Oracle offers a free download.

3. Set up environment variables

  1. Add Anchor’s bin/ subdirectory of the anchor-distribution to PATH.

Please use the standard ways to set environment variables, e.g. for Windows, and for Linux and macOS, lines can be added at the end of $HOME/.bash_profile ala:

  1. Type java -version in a shell, and check it returns at least version 1.8.

If not:

  1. Ensure JAVA_HOME points to the location of the JRE.
  2. Ensure the directory for the java application ($JAVA_HOME/bin) exists in the PATH variable.

4. Installation complete - test the command!

Congratulations, Anchor should now be ready to run!

Open a shell (e.g. Command Prompt or PowerShell in Windows) in a directory with images, and run anchor

$ anchor
Searching recursively for image files. CTRL+C cancels.
Learn how to select inputs, outputs and tasks with 'anchor -h'.
...lines will follow after it searches for images...