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Some tasks are included in the Anchor distribution, to be easily run from the command-line with -t taskname, and are termed predefined tasks.

Listing available predefined tasks

To list the names of all available predefined tasks, type in a shell either:

  • anchor -st or
  • anchor -t (without an argument)

A user can extend the available predefined tasks, by adding BeanXML to the /config/tasks subdirectory in an Anchor distribution.

How to run a predefined task

To run a task, open a shell (e.g. Command Prompt or Powershell in Windows), change to a directory with images, and then:


Next, consider enabling additional outputs with the -o options or refining your inputs with the -i options.

Image processing

Task Name Input Type Description
histogram images extracts histograms of the intensity values an image.
mean images creates a mean-intensity projection of all inputs.
meanResize images scales inputs to fixed dimensions, and then a mean-intensity projection.
resize images scales each image to fit inside fixed dimensions, preserving aspect ratio. Optionally accepts -ps.
stack/montage images (3D) produces a tiled montage of all z-slices of a 3D image

Image segmentation

Task Name Input Type Description
text images finds text-regions in images.

Feature extraction

Task Name Input Type Description
feature/hog images extracts a HOG feature descriptor for all images.
feature/metadata images extracts some basic metadata as features, including dimensions.

File copying / conversion

Task Name Input Type Description
anonymize any files copies files, randomizing order and hiding the original naming.
convert images converts the file format of input images.
copy any files copies files, preserving naming and subdirectory structure.

Summarizing inputs

Task Name Input Type Description
countFiles any files counts the number of input-files.
list any files shows a line inputName -> inputPath for each input.
listNames any files shows each input’s name on a separate line.
listPaths any files shows each input’s path on a separate line.
summarize images combines the summaries in summarizeImages and summarizePaths.
summarizeImages images summarizes image attributes (dimensions, bit depth etc.)
summarizePaths any files summarizes file attributes (size, patterns among the file-paths etc.)