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Anchor’s source-code is distributed across several source-code repositories on GitHub. The bulk of source-code is Java, followed by many pipeline XML files, and some miscellaneous other tools in other languages.

Java repositories

Dependencies among java repositories

Repository Java Package Root & Description Modules Functions Classes Lines‑of‑Code
anchor org.anchoranalysis
Main libraries for Anchor platform
28 8.7k 1.6k 66k
anchor-plugins org.anchoranalysis.plugin
Main set of plugins - MIT-licensed
19 6.9k 1.2k 62k
anchor-plugins-gpl org.anchoranalysis.plugin.gpl
Additional GPL-licensed plugins
3 0.2k 0.03k 3k
anchor-assembly org.anchoranalysis
Launcher, creates a distribution
3 0.1k 0.03k 2k

Number of classes/code is as per SonarQube, Feb 14th, 2020. Lines-of-code excludes whitespace and comments.

Non-Java repositories

Repository Type Description
anchor-pom Maven A parent Maven POM file used by the other Anchor Java repositories.
anchor-r R R packages for processing data produced by Anchor.
anchor-python-sphinx Python Common documentation generation configuration for Sphinx.
anchor-python-utilities Python Shared utility functions and classes across Anchor Python projects.
anchor-python-training Python Python scripts for training CNNs from images.
anchor-python-visualization Python Python scripts for visualizing outputs from Anchor.
anchoranalysis.github.io HTML The anchor website, generated by Jekyll.
javadoc Maven A parent Maven POM file used by the other Anchor Java repositories.

Java Repositories for dependency projects

Source-code that is closely connected to Anchor but maintained independently elsewhere.

Repository Java Package Root Description
path-pattern-finder com.owenfeehan.pathpatternfinder Finds patterns in paths or strings
Tags: architecture