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Anchor can be used from the command-line as follows:

anchor [options] [experimentFile.xml]

If an experimentFile.xml isn’t specified, the default experiment is employed, with default inputs, task, outputs.

Major options

The most important command-line options are:

Option Description
-h Displays help message with all command-line options
-i arg Changes inputs. arg = a glob, a path to an input-directory, or a path to BeanXML
-t arg Changes the task. arg = a task-name or a path to BeanXML
-o arg Changes outputs. arg = path to an output-directory or a path to BeanXML

Minor options

Options of lesser importance are:

Option Description
-v Displays version and authorship information.

Debug options

Options useful for debugging:

-d [string] Enables debug-mode: runs only the first available input [whose name contains string]
-l path Logs initial BeanXML errors in greater detail to a file-path
-sa Shows additional argument information, otherwise executes as normal.