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What is an Anchor distribution?

An Anchor distribution is a folder which contains all the jars and configuration-files to run Anchor. It has the following structure:

Folder Description
bin/ anchor-launcher.jar and anchor-browser.jar and associated helper-applications
lib/ other anchor jars and third-party dependencies
config/ default configuration files in BeanXML for the anchor application
configGUI/ default configuration files in BeanXML for the anchorGUI application
models/ bundled trained machine-learning models

Launcher applications

Launcher applications (anchor, anchor.exe, anchorGUI, anchorGUI.exe etc.) run the relevant jar with a specific memory profile, also ensuring lib/ and plugins/are added to the classpath.

The UNIX launcher applications (anchor and anchorGUI) are BASH scripts that can be easily edited.

The Windows launcher applications (anchor.exe and anchorGUI.exe) use Launch4J to launch Java directly from windows. These are created during the Maven build process.