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Debugging the command-line application

The anchor application can be launched in debugging-mode in Eclipse by running


with appropriate command-line arguments.

Be aware that in this context:

  • not all plugins will necessarily be available, unless their projects are explicitly (and temporarily) added as dependencies, to the anchor-launcher project.

  • Anchor expects to find a bootstrap .properties file in the current working directory, and if not present, an error message appears:

Cannot find properties file at: C:\foo\bar\anchor-launcher\target\classes\anchor.properties

To resolve this error, simply create the small bootstrap files in this location, pointing to where the Anchor Distribution is located e.g. anchor.properties becomes:

  • The config/defaultBeans.xml will also not be found, and needs to be explicitly copied either into the ${current working directory}/config/defaultBeans.xml or into $HOME/.anchor/defaultBeans.xml (which is also searched, and takes precedence).

Debugging the GUI application

The above is similarly true of the anchor-gui application, which can be debugged in Eclipse with:


It expects an anchorGUI.properties bootstrap file, e.g.