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A Java (Maven) source repository on GitHub. It provides:

  • command-line launchers for Anchor
  • procedure for making an Anchor Distribution
  • all the BeanXML for default tasks and configuration

What belongs in the repository?


Module Java Package Root & Description Classes Lines‑of‑Code
anchor-launcher org.anchoranalysis.launcher
The anchor command-line application.
38 1,627
anchor-browser org.anchoranalysis.browser.launcher
The anchor-gui command-line application.
2 118

Number of classes/code is as per SonarQube, June 24th, 2020. Lines-of-code excludes whitespace and comments.


Resource Location Description
config What becomes the config/ directory in a distribution
configGUI What becomes the configGUI/ directory in a distribution
models What becomes the models/ directory in a distribution
helperapps Files placed into the bin/ directory to help start anchor correctly-configured
topleveldocs Documentation placed in the root directory (i.e. /) of a distribution

Key Maven configuration-files

Resource Location Description
addplugins/pom.xml Where non GPL-plugins are listed to be included.
anchor-assembly/pom.xml Building .exe launchers, and GPL-plugins listed to be included.
dist.xml Specifies what files are contained in a distribution.