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Anchor uses Apache Maven as a build tool. As a prior step, Maven should be installed locally, configured for the Anchor project.


The anchor-assembly is a special module that doesn’t generate a .jar artifact, but rather assembles the output of other modules (artifacts) into an Anchor distribution.

It produces its output (after mvn deploy) in a sub-directory:


where version is replaced by the current version identifier (e.g. 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT).

And as a further step, it copies this output into the path defined by anchor.home.deploy in your $HOME/.m2/settings.xml (see previously). This is a convenient place to store your primary anchor distribution on your file-system, and its bin/ directory can be added to the System path.

Complete build of Anchor

To completely build Anchor from scratch. Pre-conditions:

  • You’ve learned Maven basics.
  • You’ve configured the $HOME/.m2/settings.xml file.
  • You’ve cloned all necessary Anchor Java repositories from GitHub (see below).

Then execute the command mvn deploy in the root of each repository directory IN THIS ORDER.

  1. anchor-pom/
  2. anchor/
  3. anchor-plugins/
  4. anchor-plugins-gpl/
  5. anchor-gui/
  6. anchor-assembly/

The order is important to match the dependency structure between repositories.

The final command will copy a distribution into anchor.home.deploy with needed native libraries for the chosen operating system.