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A Java (Maven) source repository on GitHub containing the main libraries used by Anchor.

What belongs?


Module Java Package Root & Description Classes Lines‑of‑Code
anchor-annotation org.anchoranalysis.annotation
Annotating images with shapes / labels.
5 160
anchor-annotation-io org.anchoranalysis.annotation.io
Reading / writing related to anchor-annotation
30 1,158
anchor-bean org.anchoranalysis.bean
Dependency injection framework and object-model.
99 3,153
anchor-beans-shared org.anchoranalysis.bean.shared
Generic reusable utility beans.
30 645
anchor-core org.anchoranalysis.core
Fundamental core library objects.
166 4,181
anchor-experiment org.anchoranalysis.experiment
Defines an experiment and how to execute it.
63 2,300
anchor-feature org.anchoranalysis.feature
Defines a feature generically and related utilities.
72 2,351
anchor-feature-io org.anchoranalysis.feature.io
Reading / writing related to anchor-feature
18 717
anchor-feature-session org.anchoranalysis.feature.session
Sessions to calculate many features optimally.
35 1,479
anchor-image-bean org.anchoranalysis.image.bean
Core (bean) data objects for images.
80 1,932
anchor-image-core org.anchoranalysis.image.core
Core (non-bean) data objects for images.
117 5,508
anchor-image-experiment org.anchoranalysis.image.experiment
Base classes for general tasks that involve images.
4 152
anchor-image-feature org.anchoranalysis.image.feature
Feature calculation on images or parts of images.
48 1,445
anchor-image-io org.anchoranalysis.image.io
Reading / writing related to anchor-image
86 3,716
anchor-image-voxel org.anchoranalysis.image.voxel
Data objects for per-voxel manipulation of images.
230 10,195
anchor-imagej org.anchoranalysis.io.ij
Converters and IO that uses ImageJ.
11 656
anchor-io-bioformats org.anchoranalysis.io.bioformats
Input / output that uses Bioformats.
37 1,510
anchor-io-generator org.anchoranalysis.io.generator
Generators for producing output.
35 1,325
anchor-io-input org.anchoranalysis.io.input
Collecting inputs (not image specific) for tasks/experiments.
46 1,372
anchor-io-manifest org.anchoranalysis.io.manifest
Manifests for recording outputs from an experiment.
42 1,311
anchor-io-output org.anchoranalysis.io.output
Output-manager and utilities for outputting.
72 2,042
anchor-math org.anchoranalysis.math
Mathematical algorithms or utility functions.
11 855
anchor-mpp org.anchoranalysis.mpp
Core data classes for Marked Point Processes
133 5,431
anchor-mpp-feature org.anchoranalysis.mpp.feature
Feature calculation on objects in anchor-mpp
46 2,247
anchor-mpp-io org.anchoranalysis.mpp.io
Input / output related to objects in anchor-mpp
29 1,5152
anchor-mpp-segment org.anchoranalysis.mpp.segment
Segmentation involving objects in anchor-mpp
64 1,867
anchor-overlay org.anchoranalysis.anchor.overlay
Graphics output of entities on top of a raster.
17 710
anchor-plot org.anchoranalysis.plot
Plotting of some basic charts.
14 605
anchor-spatial org.anchoranalysis.spatial
Core geometry and spatial manipulation.
27 1,178
anchor-test org.anchoranalysis.test
Reusable test fixtures/utilities (at highest generality).
4 212
anchor-test-feature org.anchoranalysis.test.feature
Reusable test fixtures related to features.
1 60
anchor-test-image org.anchoranalysis.test.image
Reusable test fixtures related to images.
34 1,697
anchor-test-io-output org.anchoranalysis.test.io-output
Test fixtures related to non-image outputs.
1 33

Number of classes/code is as per SonarQube, October 18th, 2020. Lines-of-code excludes whitespace and comments.