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A Maven pom.xml source repository on GitHub to generate aggregated Javadoc code documentation across many projects and repositories.

What belongs?


Each top-level directory refers to a Maven project for different combinations of projects.

On a change to the master branch, GitHub Actions will execute the anchor-all-except-gui project and upload it to the gh-pages branch of the repository. This feeds automatically into the Anchor website.

Updating to latest commits

The documentation is always generated from the master branch of the respective repositories (via references to specific commits via git submodules). To update the documentation to refer to the latest commits:

git submodule update --recursive --remote

Manually-triggered creation of aggregated javadoc.

Execute in a project top-level directory: e.g. in anchor-all-except-gui/

mvn site javadoc:aggregate

and the Javadoc will be generated in target/site/apidocs.